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Hospitality EPoS

Emperium EPoS for Hospitality is a globally popular software solution with extensive functionality to manage customer loyalty, staff performance, promotions, customers, stock- transfers, audit trails and live links with Head Office and back office to give you greater control on demand. Complete platform independent, so it can work with your existing hardware and can be setup quickly. Emperium is scalable for the multi till, multi-site operations down to a single outlet operation, Emperium EPoS is a versatile intelligent touch screen or PC Based software solution ideal for numerous hospitality & catering businesses. Emperium EPoS is versatile and packed full of rich functionality, it is quick to deploy, no matter how complex the infrastructure or business activities.

Emperium Hospitality EPoS is suitable for:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Nightclubs
  • Café
  • Quick Service
  • Members clubs

Below is a quick summary of the EPOS functionality

  • Configured for quick service to fine dining
  • Built for multi-site & single operations
  • Choice of button styles/branding
  • Quick and easy to tailor to your needs.
  • Short cut / Hot keys
  • Built on .net platform
  • Billing options
  • Drinks re-ordering and ‘interval’ drinks
  • Full table layout and analytics
  • Multi currency and multi language
  • Full stock control
  • Plus much much more…......

Back Office Management

The E-Novations Emperium suite offers a total end-to-end solution for Hospitality and catering organisations, with back office solutions as an integral part of Emperium Hospitality. Emperium Back Office improves productivity for Hospitality and catering businesses and provides EPoS Management tools, Cash Management, Stock controls, Extensive Reports, Time and Attendance, KPI’s, Shift Management and Diaries. Running back office and central management systems as web browser based solutions enables a business to make the best decision about where the data and application that the restaurant uses is kept. The restaurant themselves can have access to the restaurant management functionality by connecting locally to a server in the restaurant, or the same functionality can be accessed to a server.

  • Based on access control, Complete stock, recipe and price control
  • Promotions – Emperium contains one of the most advanced promotions engines with realtime feeds to head office.
  • Maximise Sales and Increase Profits - Emperium provides you with a wealth of reporting information to help you analyse and make informed decisions regarding your menu pricing and promotions.
  • Stock and Ordering - Besides helping you maintain a healthy profit margin Emperium is designed to help you manage your wet and dry stock holding efficiently and accurately

Mobile Handheld Order

Taking The Emperium Waiter Pad solution is an advanced handheld order taking system that enables restaurants to take orders at table and have the information transferred direct to the kitchen or bar. The Emperium Waiter Pad solution is a highly dynamic and efficient way to improve customer service and improve sales. Emperium Users have seen an increase in sales and customer experience from the effective use of the solution. The Emperium Waiter Pad can form part of any of the Emperium Hospitality suite of applications, quick to deploy and very easy to train waiters. Since all the Emperium solutions are platform independent, this means the software will work with any windows mobile or .ce device thus giving the client a wide budget option for hardware.

Emperium Head Office

No need for expensive servers or back up worries. We take care of it for you. Emperium Head Office allows Hospitality and Catering organisations to centrally manage and communicate within the network of terminals and locations. The Emperium Head Office system enables a one central place to administer and manage the entire business processes with real-time connections to branch EPoS terminals and devices. Located centrally, serving multiple branches. Information can then be accessed from anywhere such as head office, branches or even from home Emperium Head Office integrates seamlessly with our back office solution and almost any third party applications to provide all of the functionality required for PLU, price and promotions management with ease.

Loss Prevention

We understand your business and have worked hard to find solutions to help you reduce shrinkage. Your success is our future! The Emperium Loss Prevention solutions in your business will significantly reduce your losses at point of sale due to fraud, theft, and non-compliance. Our loss prevention solutions can be utilized by businesses of all sizes, from the very large to the very small. The solution can be fully integrated to many third party applications and produces extensive audit controls and introduces practices to radically reduce loss.

Business Intelligence

Emperium Business Intelligence Suite provides a number of analytics, and set of KPIs, metrics and analytic workflows. By accessing data from across the Hospitality Estate and delivering information directly to business users, Emperium Business Intelligence Suite enable faster and more informed decisions that help Hospitality Managers optimize resources, reduce costs, and improve the effectiveness of front and back office activities ranging from Epos Sales to Procurement and Staff. The Emperium Business Intelligence Suite covers 6 key areas of business with complete and pre-built, best-practice analytics.

  • Sales
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Suppliers
  • Human Resources
  • Financials

Emperium Loyalty

Emperium Customer Loyalty Program:  HOW LOYAL ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS?

Emperium Customer loyalty solution is a fully integrated part of the Emperium Solution, quick to deploy with the benefits of a flexible central Hospitality database, which together with our expertise, helps you benefit out of a customer loyalty programme.

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