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In-Store Management

Emperium EPoS for Retail is one of the most comprehensive in-store solutions with extensive functionality to manage customer loyalty, staff performance, promotions, customers, stock transfers and audit trails. With live links to the Emperium Head Office and back office to give you greater control on demand.

Emperium is scalable for the multi-lane, multi-site retail operations down to a single lane operation, fully compatible with touch screens or keyboard based pc systems. Emperium EPoS is a fully Windows based software solution that provides full sales, refunds, exchanges and view real-time stock enquires across networks and execute stock transfers easily and effectively. The software will accept all forms of payment including options to add customer accounts, loyalty customer, gift vouchers, store cards and accept multiple currencies.

Store Back Office

Emperium Back Office improves productivity for retail businesses and provides EPoS Management tools, Cash Management, Store Inventory controls, Extensive Reports, Time and Attendance, KPI’s, Commissions, Shift Management and Store Diaries.

Inventory Management

Emperium Inventory Management controls all of the In-Store functions associated with maintaining store stock positions. The Emperium system can work against either a local store based stock database or a centrally controlled stock database across the entire network.

Electronic Payments

Emperium accepts all electronic payment methods including credit, debit and loyalty cards which are processed by the transaction engine at a high speed. The application uses a set of generic components to verify accounts and payment authorizations. The system is designed to accept different schemes, devices and card types.

Ecommerce – Online Store

Emperium ecommerce is an off the shelf module whilst the front end design is very unique to the client. The Emperium ecommerce engine enables complete multi channel retailing. The Emperium system allows for product and stock controls from in store or head office. Emperium ecommerce accepts all credit card payments and fully integrated with the various card processing schemes.

Emperium Gift Cards

Emperium Gift card functionality is standard from the EPoS, so that the cards can be activated real-time and charged with any amount and also allowing for top ups.

Emperium Head Office

Emperium Head Office allows retailers to centrally manage and communicates within the network of terminals and locations. The Emperium Head Office system enables a one central place to administer and manage the entire retail business processes with real-time connections to branch EPoS terminals and devices. Emperium Retail is the perfect fit for any retailer including :

  • Convenience stores
  • Grocers
  • Pharmacy
  • Discount Stores
  • Specialty Retailers
  • Garden Centers

Emperium is fully integrated solution that will enable a retailer to manage the entire retail business cycle from one single supplier and system. This enables greater efficiencies and reduces the risks of costs and integration with third parties. The Emperium Retail solution is designed to grow with your business, with scalable modular design enabling you to add more functionality as your business needs change.

Emperium Key Benefits

  • Improve bottom line through better in store management of stocks and premium areas.
  • Increase sales and customer service through better management of customer demands, seasons and promotional activities.
  • Increase staff efficiencies and measure productivity
  • Get data on demand through real-time connections between branches and Head Office
  • Realise the potential of high revenues through multi channel retailing
  • Improve compliance and reduce wastage
  • A one single system to manage an entire estate

Why Choose Emperium Retail Management:

  • Emperium solutions are independent of any hardware.
  • You get the most comprehensive support from our International Support Centre around the clock.
  • The Emperium Solution is built on the Microsoft platform which means that we are always up to date with the latest versions of the Microsoft operating systems. At present our solutions are fully compatible with Windows 7.
  • Emperium Solution is a one single system for almost all types of retailers and hospitality businesses.
  • Emperium epos software is an off the shelf product, this means it can be easily setup on any windows based computer and ready to use.
  • Low cost model, so the Emperium product is affordable by businesses of all sizes.
  • Fully integrated with Sage and many other financial accounting systems.
  • Fully Chip and Pin card processing compliant.
  • Fully integrated with Ecommerce, this enables retailers to sell online and manage stock, clients and sales from one place.

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